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Microlinks are an extensions added to your real hair. ALL your hair is left out meaning no braids are involved. They are super lightweight and with monthly maintenances last 3-4 months. Microlink i-tips are 100% raw hair which means it can be straightened, curled, bleached, etc just like the natural hair on your head. Microlink wefts are a little different it is used with bundle hair which can be 100% raw hair or virgin hair. I tips can also be made out of bundle hair if you want certain type of curl (i.e you're getting a combination and you want the iTips on top to match the wefts at the back. 


I Tips


Consultations are REQUIRED before booking the micro link service to decide whether you'll be a candidate or not. At the consolation I will need to see your hair in its natural state to determine health. 

if you are a candidate for microlinks we will discuss what's better for your hair (itips, wefts, or combination) & what state do you want to wear your hair in so we can texture match the hair.

We will also discuss what lengths you can get, length is based on your hair length ( i.e chin length hair cannot get 30" Itips)

Facetime consultations for (OUT OF STATE CLIENTS ONLY)

Installation of Microlinks

Installs for microlinks can be about 3 to 6 hours so please plan accordingly. After you have already completed your consultation for microlinks we will sign a contract and put down the deposit for your service. All micro link services include the hair.  Installs Include wash and set, microlinks plus any styling you would like (I.e straight curls crimps etc)

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